7 October 2015


Travelling taught me one thing - it is not the most important how many monuments you will see, but how much you will experience the place you are. When you are abroad, you should follow the locals, not the tourists. In that way you will find out things you can't read about in the tour guides. Go to the place where locals are and try as much local food as you can! Here's some tips what you should eat in Amsterdam.

1. Stroopwafel
Stroopwafels are waffels with a carmel syrup filling inside, also sarved with vanilla or cinnamon. They were made for the very first time in the Dutch city of Gouda. Dutch people usually eat them drinking tea or coffee and put them on the top of the cup to make the stroopwafels melted. Because of their popularity, you can buy them everywhere - in a big supermarker, small local marker or even from the street sellers. I literally think that it is one of the best things I ever had in my life. Remember - whenever you will see the stroopwafels serving place, don't wait and buy at least one!

2. Holland Nieuwe Harring
Raw salted herring is something that Dutch people love. They usually serve it with chopped onions and pickles. So delicious! To try the herring, visit Vis Plaza - the best fish shop in the Jordaan district.

3. Bitterballen
There's no better snack to beer in Netherlands than Bitterballen - fried meatballs served with mustard. Go to the pub to try them!

4. Poffertjes
Travelling in the world, I learned that a lot of countries have their own version of pancakes. So does Netherlands! In Holland they're small and fluffy, made from buckweat and yeast. The best way to serve them is to put powdered sugar on the top. Visit the Albert Cuypmarkt to eat Dutch pancakes.

5. Cheese
During your stay in Amsterdam, you have to try cheese. Holland is one of the top cheese producers in the world and you probably know the most famous one there - Gouda - the yellow cheese made from the cow's milk. As well as many other Dutch cheeses, it is categorised by how long it has been aged and the longer it's aged the more intense flavour it has. If you want to taste original Dutch cheese, visit the Reypenaer Tasting Room. Maybe you would like to know more about the history? No problem, you can go to the Cheese Museum. Remember - you can't leave Amsterdam without trying cheese at least one.

6. Indonesian Rijstaffel
Maybe not all the people know that, but in Amsterdam there's a strong Indonesian influence on the food. You can't leave the city without trying rijstaffel - small Indonesian dishes developed in the times of Dutch colonisation. Go to the Blauw restaurant to try the best one in Amsterdam!

Have you ever tried any Dutch food? Would you like to add something to my list?



  1. Why do you always write like it was a checklist? It's really unexciting imo.

  2. That's just my style. It's really clear what I want to say and easy to read. I like reading blogs where posts are like it was a list too :)

  3. Those stroopwafels sound delicious! Would love to visit Amsterdam someday :)