14 October 2015


The one big dream I'd had for as long as I remember was travelling to USA. If you have no idea how to go to USA, just take part in the "Work and Travel" program - international program of travelling to the United States for students from different countries. Students recieve visas for work from 3 weeks to 4 months and 1 months for travels. It's a great opportunity to know the culture of the USA and improve English skills. There's some important things about the program based on my own experience.

1. Choosing the right agency
I choose an agency which my friend choose when she took part in this program. It is important to do a little research, because the agency helps us with application, option of the program (self placement with a job choosing by participant or job placement with a job from agency), visa etc.

2. The price of the program
If you want to take part in "Work and Travel USA", you have to know that it costs a lot of money. The full prices is about 3000 dollars, including a visa, plane tickets, insurance and money for life for the first days in USA. Remember - tickets are more expensive when it's closer to summer, that's why the best way is to go there on May. The longer you are in the United States, the more you earn, so you can get your money back. Of course, it's depend on the goal and your daily routine during your stay. 

3. Type of jobs
Students are employed as waiters, cashiers, cleaning service etc. and salary for those jobs is pretty low, but you have to remember that people in the USA earn more than in Poland for instance. The best way is to find a job with tips (in the application you can give your own preferences of jobs). I worked as a cleaning lady. 

4. Place of work (state, city)
Theoretically participants effect for where they want to work. Most of them choose New York, dreaming about work on Manhattan. Unfortunately, it never happens - participants get their jobs in small cities. I worked on Cape Cod (Massachussets) - 2 hours from Boston and 8 hours from New York City. At the beggining I wasn't happy, but now I'm glad, because I had really nice summer in this place. Cleaning Matt Damon's house was a pleasure!  

5. Travel, entertainment
You must do everything to pass your exam in first term or even earlier. I wasn't lucky and I couldn't travel a lot. I was in USA only for two months, that's why I didn't get my money back and I visited only two cities - Boston and New York. One month after work is enough to see many amazing palces. The basic thing is a good plan of course. For example lot of my friends visited Washington D.C or Las Vegas. The last important thing - For instance I took part in baseball game and I still have no idea what the rules are! 

It was one of the best and unforgettable time in my life and I hope I come back to USA someday. Don't wait for a right moment, just go! 

Have you ever took part in the program like that?


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