1 November 2015


Berlin is one of the cities that you can't avoid being in Europe. It's full of interesting historical places where many important events for world took place. Believe me, even if you're not a big fan of history, you will love that! Berlin also has a modern side with amazing architecture and different types of entertiment. Everyone can find there something interesting. Here's my list with places you should definately explore during your stay in Berlin!

Reichtag is the meeting place of the German parliament (Bundestag) located in the Tiergarten district. This place has a turbulent history and is also a witness of few different regimes - German Empire, Weimar Republic, Third Reich, Berlin devided by Berlin Wall and finally German reunification. There's a possibility to go inside the glass dome and see the panorama of Berlin, but make sure that you have booked an appointment first!

Brandenburg Gate is probably well known icon of Berlin for everyone. During the time of division it was one of the Berlin Wall crossings and after that also a place for celebration of Berlin Wall demolition. What is interesting, nowadays it is a place where people celebrate New Years and every year over one milion of people meet there that night. 

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East Side Gallery is probably the largest open air gallery - memorial for freedom created on the part of Berlin Wall features about 106 murals of artisit from all over the world. 

Botanischer Garten is the third largest botanic garden in the world. It contains about 22 thousands different types of plants from all over the world. It's absolutely gorgeous place and probably my favourite one in the city. You can experience there a little bit of nature in the big metropoly. It is located in the Lichterfelde district.

Fernsehturm (TV tower) is one of the most famous landmarks in Berlin. It is the highest building in Germany and the second highest building in Europe. Some people call it "Alex's tower", because it is located near Alexanderplatz. There is a viewpoint inside with the most beautiful view of Berlin's panorama. What is interesting there's also a restaurant with a slewing ring where you can drink something and order a little snack. The ring does a full rotation in every half hour.

Berlin Wall was deviding East Berlin and West Berlin between August 13th 1961 and November 9th 1989. It's one of the best known symbols of Cold War and German division. At present there are only three parts of Berlin Wall.

Checkpoint Charlie was one of the most famous border crossing during Cold War between East Berlin and West Berlin. The sign "you are leaving the American sector" symbolise two worlds - communism and capitalism. Nowadays this place is an attraction for tourists where they can take pictures with the guards and get one of the stamps from the chosen zone of occupation. There is also located the Museum of Berlin Wall.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is a memorial place to the Jewish victims of Holocaust created by an American artist - Peter Eisenmann. It consists of 2 711 concrete blocks on more than 19 000 m2 area. They are organised in rows and they have other sizes.There is an information centre under the ground where you can find out more about history of the Holocaust. It is located close to the Brandenburg Gate.

What would you add to my list?


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